REVIV Wellness Review: Curing Tiredness with an IV Drip

There are a lot of weird hangover cures around the world – from sour pickle juice (Poland) to sheep eyeball juice (Mongolia) and steam bathing in Russia. I can handle the steam, but not the eyeballs or the sour pickles…

If you fancy a giggle, here’s a guide I wrote for Off Track Planet with some of the most bizarre hangover remedies around the world (including a weird part of a bull’s anatomy).

You may be a fan of having a flutter, but have you ever heard of the Vegas hangover bus? A trend began in Sin City where people jump on a bus, get hooked up to an IV drip and feel like $1 million dollars an hour later (despite not being quite that lucky in the casino…)

The IV drip trend went from strength to strength in Vegas with company REVIV Wellness paving the way and growing internationally. After opening their Vegas branch, they opened in Miami, Johannesburg, Manchester, Cheshire, Leeds and London!

Iv Drip


So what are IV vitamin infusions/who uses them and how do they work?

The IV infusion treatments restore energy and hydration by giving your body essential nutrients and up to 2L of fluid. Most of us are regularly dehydrated without even realising it.

Hearing that REVIV Wellness had a London store and was popular with celebs and sports stars  alike (eg Sinnita, Natalie Imbruglia and Boris Becker), I decided to give it a go…

Reviv Wellness

There’s a menu of IV drip options such as:

- Megaboost (a signature vitamin infusion that combines antioxidants with electrolytes to restore hydration, detox your body and boost the immune system).
- Ultraviv (the ultimate hangover/sleep deprivation cure that decreases inflammation, restores hydration, relieves pain and delivers an energy boost).
- Hydromax (the ultimate dehydration cure which rebalances your body’s fluids with electrolytes and antioxidants).
- Vitaglow (A special anti-ageing infusion with master antioxidant glutathione that’ll prevent and reverse the effects of free radicals, rejuvenate skin, hydrate and cleanse vital organs).
- Royalflush (The deluxe purification infusion which combines Ultraviv with Megaboost).

There’s also a selection of booster shots which are intended for a daily/weekly top up.

So what did I go for? The creme-de-la-creme Royalflush treatment.

The process was pretty simple…I entered the very swanky looking premises (think immaculate white furniture, spotlights and super stylish clientelle) and was greeted by a big smile from a guy called Gary Sanderson.

Gary Sanderson

I soon found out that Gary was a bit of a celeb himself – but for being an actual life saver (real life superhero some might say)! He served for 25 years as a Senior Officer  for the East of England Ambulance service  (delivering 13 babies and saving many lives) before being headhunted for this position.

Gary is a real character and immediately puts you at ease.

This is what happens when you have IV infusions:

1) Fill out health forms
2) Have simple health checks – blood pressure, pulse, body temperature, weight
3) Area cleaned and numbing spray applied
4) Canula inserted (you don’t feel this at all)
5) Lay back, relax and let the IV drip work its magic for approx 1hour.


I’m a big fan of Snapchat (Username: AliciaExplores) and captured the whole thing on camera…

So how did I feel afterwards/did it work??? (I hear you shout…)

One word: YES.

Another word: UNBELIEVABLE.

That night I went to a Christmas party at my local pub then out for dinner afterwards, and my body was still full of energy at 5am. 5am!!!!

Model at Reviv
I went from entering the clinic complaining of feeling ABSOLUTELY SHATTERED with aching limbs and headaches, to getting this rush of relentless energy and a feeling of relaxation and just general…happiness! It’s hard to describe, but a couple of friends commented: “I want whatever you’ve had! It can’t just be the mulled wine that’s made you so energetic! Haha. Have you had some Redbull?”

No my friends, I haven’t.

You have to try it to understand. It’s costly…at £180 and up, but for a hangover-free head/the ultimate energy boost….it may just be worth giving a go and treating your body to what it’s missing…

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