The Best Remedy for Itchy Mosquito Bites: Zap-It!

Zap-It! Mosquito Bite Relief

It’s official – I’m a mosquito magnet.

The worst experience I can remember was in Thailand when I woke up with 84 bites (yes, I counted) and had a terrible allergic reaction to them too.

Here’s an interesting fact I found out recently: scientists have discovered that genetics play an 85% role in how susceptible we are to mosquito bites (unlucky me…). There are also certain ‘attractive factors’ in our body chemistry that entice mosquitoes even more, such as increased lactic acid through our skin (especially after exercise) and emitting larger volumes of carbon dioxide than others. Female mosquitos can detect carbon dioxide from 75 feet away, and their wings flap 300-600 times per second (hence that annoying high pitched buzzing sound you can hear when they are nearby).

Did you know: Only female mosquitos bite, males feed on flower nectar. Looks like the female of the species really is more deadly than the male.

Bar wearing repellant, there’s probably not much I can do to stop myself from being Miss Mosquito Mecca, but there is a nifty little gadget I’ve discovered to stop the oh so irritating itch.

It’s called Zap-It! and I’ve had this one in my travel essentials box for a while, waiting for a bite (lucky for me – mosquitos aren’t that common in London.)

You place the device over your bite and click a button 5-10 times, which  localises the poison and stops the histamine release, leaving you itch-free with reduced swelling – magic!

Here’s a video of me testing it out:

If you’re a fellow mecca for mosquitos - I’d definitely recommend it! Thanks to Zap-It! for sending me one to try out – I’ll definitely be taking it on my future adventures.

If you have any other good mosquito bite tips  – feel free to share them below…


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'The Best Remedy for Itchy Mosquito Bites: Zap-It!' have 1 comment

  1. January 11, 2017 @ 2:22 pm Braai Brothers

    Hi Alicia,

    There is nothing more annoying than Mosquito Bites.

    I feel your pain, but had never heard of Zap It.

    The link doesn’t seem to work but I will be certainly be trying it!

    Nothing has ever worked other than slapping the bite in the past haha.

    Hope you had a great Christmas.


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