Why YOU need to pay attention to Snapchat

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Over 100 million daily users.
Over 10 billion daily video views.
…and an estimated net worth of $16 billion.

Still think Snapchat isn’t worth paying attention to?

Experiment with the platform and you’ll soon realise that most of your preconceived ideas are FALSE.

It’s NOT just for teenagers and it’s evolved far beyond messages of self-destruct.

An excellent platform for storytelling and connecting with your audience – Snapchat is the app that everyone is talking about.

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How I got into Snapchat

Last summer, I took part in a video campaign called #LifeOnIos organised by Simon Lewis of Travel Concept Solution and Villy Magnolia of Brands and Influencers/Content Traveler. Simon and Villy handpicked a group of video influencers to visit the Greek island of Ios. Our job was to rebrand the island and work with the LuxrurIOS Island Experience creating video, social media and blog content. One of these content creators was Brazilian Snapchat superstar Lucas Estevam.

Lucas Snap

Lucas encouraged me that NOW is the time to experiment with Snapchat and I’m so glad I did…

After spending the beginning of 2016 in USA – I got used to being surrounded by Snapchat addicts including meeting staff from Snapchat who gifted me these little beauties:

Snapchat Alicia
When I arrived back in the UK, my peers were slowly jumping on board the platform but many remained unconvinced and still saw it as a personal messaging app best suited to teenagers.

As with any platform that’s emerging/evolving – it can be worth taking a risk and experimenting. If the app is successful, the early adopters who are consistent will be in the most favourable position.

aliciaexplores snapchat collage

I soon realised the more spontaneous and unpredictable my Snaps were – the more engaged my audience was. Snapchat isn’t about being perfect – it’s about having fun and giving your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your life. This is what happened when I met John the bellman at a Miami hotel…

My audience grew rapidly and in March 2016, I had the honour of speaking at the world’s biggest travel conference - ITB Berlin which has over 170,000 visitors over the 5 day conference. I teamed up with Travel Massive to speak about Snapchat marketing strategy advice for travel businesses and I’m thrilled to say it was a huge success. My mind was blown at how many people showed up and the huge demand and interest in finding out more about Snapchat.

ITB Berlin Snapchat

Photo Credit: Michael Ball

Brands KNOW they need to learn about Snapchat. The biggest obstacle for them is TIME and a lack of knowledge.

Snapchat audience

One company who I’m a big fan of is the online software company Trekksoft. They sponsored Travel Massive which  I co-organised with Michael Ball in London in February. I managed to convince their UK & Ireland Manager Olan O’Sullivan to do a spontaneous Snapchat competition through my ‘AliciaExplores’ account. This was a huge success and here’s my video of the case study which I discussed during my ITB presentation.

The platform continues to impress me – it’s constantly evolving and a great way to experiment with video storytelling.

Over the past 6 months, I’ve also been lucky enough to be featured as one of the top travel bloggers on Snapchat in the following posts. Thank you to all who featured me:

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AliciaExplores Edinburgh

If you have any questions about consulting opportunities or brand collaborations – feel free to email me: alicia@aliciaexplores.com

….and don’t forget to add me on Snapchat ‘AliciaExplores’:


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