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Video Project in Japan with Lonely Planet

Last year, when anyone asked me which country at the top of my travel wish list – my answer, without hesitation was Japan. It’s a county that has always fascinated me. I think part of the attraction is the mystery of the unknown. As well as being a place of striking beauty and diversity, Japan is often described…

Sushi Tokyo

What to Eat in Japan: A Foodie’s Guide

Sushi or not sushi, that is the question… Ok I’ll quit with the bad jokes now I’ve got your attention. Warning: This is a post created to make your mouth water. Do not read when hungry.  So you’ve heard the rumours. I can confirm they’re true – Japanese food is the best in the world. That’s…

Deer Nara Park Pose

Making friends with wild deer in Nara, Japan

  “Be careful once you’ve bought the deer crackers. They smell them straight away and get a bit excited. If you encounter an aggressive male, he might head butt you to knock you over and steal the cracker. You might be lucky though and find a well-mannered deer that bows to say thank you.” I was at Nara Park…