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Reading Body Language: 10 Signs of Attraction Explained

Body language is extremely powerful; 55% of our communication is non-verbal, 38% is from voice tone, and remarkably only 7% of communication is through the words we speak. Actions really do speak louder than words, so it’s important that we are aware of them. When it comes to attracting a man or a woman, non-verbal communication says a lot about…

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The Best Chat Up Line of All Time

‘Do you think your Mother would like me as a Son-in-Law?’ That was my Dad’s opening chat-up line when he first strolled up to my Mum on a Saturday night in a Leicestershire bar. You might be thinking that this line is cheesy or overconfident, but the story that follows is quite remarkable. (My parents…

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20 Huge Mistakes Guys Are Making On Tinder

Single people love Tinder; the simple, yet superficial dating app that kills time, entertains and allows you to date at a fast pace. The concept is simple; feast your eyes upon a catalogue of potential suitors; swipe right if they’re hot, swipe left if they’re not and if the attraction is mutual you can chat….