Sorbet salon

Power Mani Pampering at Sorbet Salon

‘You’re in for the power-mani? That includes a warm soak, a lemon grass exfoliating scrub, moisturiser, nail treatment and polish too…’ Talk about the full monty. Sometimes with the stresses of every day life, it’s easy to forget to step away from work and R-E-L-A-X. I’m particularly guilty of this. Being a writer, I spend…

Park life 2

Video: Park Life Must-Haves

To round off the trio of videos for eBay and Time Out, I headed to the park to take part in some outdoor fun! Here are my top park essentials: http://www.timeout.com/london/shopping/park-life-must-haves-by-alicia-explores 1) You can’t beat the old childhood classic ‘Aerobie Pro’. Have a fun game of frisbee with friends and relive your childhood… 2) Have fun pranking your pals with a…

TimeOut and Ebay

Video: Garden Party Essentials

Following the video on Staycations, I teamed up with eBay and Time Out once again to give my top tips on garden party shopping essentials.   http://www.timeout.com/london/shopping/garden-party-essentials-by-alicia-explores 1) Invest in a good outdoor picnic set and make sure your guests have a drink in their hands when they arrive… 2) Celebrate with the old British tradition – Pimms! A party isn’t really a…

beach london

Staycation Ideas in London

Craving a break from your routine and some summer fun? Rather than having a supreme spending spree on flights and hotels – why not plan something closer to home? Staycations are fun, cost-effective and you’ll be able to have all the fun of going on holiday, without actually going on holiday! I recently teamed up with eBay…