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Travel tips and feature posts:

10 ways to make Economy feel like First Class (also featured in Australia’s national daily: Herald Sun)

15 weirdest foods around the world

15 of the best ever packing tips

First holiday together: 10 tips to make it holiday heaven

13 worst things to hear when you’re on holiday

10 best things that could happen to you on holiday

Holiday helpline: 10 common travel problems and how to deal with them

10 most common holiday arguments couples have

8 tips how to make friends in a foreign country 

Holiday romance rules: 10 survival tips for girls

10 holiday commandments you should never forget

10 crazy events around the world for non-football fans this summer

10 ways to really escape the World Cup

13 things you don’t want to happen on the beach

The 15 most annoying things about hotels

10 ways to avoid looking like a tourist

 10 things you only do when you’re on holiday


Destination guides:

10 best things to eat in New York – and the best places to eat them

10 best things to see and do in Miami

Delhi: 10 best things to see and do

Top 10 things to see and do in Budapest

10 best places to shop in New York

7 top royal attractions in London

10 best places to visit in Germany




Tour reviews:

Walking Tour of Ground Zero

Historical Pub Walking Tour of London

NYC Circle Line Cruises: Which One’s Best For You?

Viator VIP: NYC Night Helicopter Flight and Statue of Liberty Cruise


Destination guides:

7 Unforgettable Experiences in Delhi

German Christmas Markets: Where to Go and What to See and Do (also featured in The Huffington Post)

From Ghost Hunting to Palm Reading: A Guide to Haunted New Orleans

Nashville Country Music Guide



Off Track Planet
5 of Tokyo’s Weirdest Bars

6 Ridiculously Themed Bars Around The World

10 Of The World’s Weirdest Hangover Cures

7 Weird Creatures People Keep As Pets Around The World

6 of the World’s Strangest Speciality Shops

10 Sporting Events That’ll Beat You Senseless

WTF are Chicharrones?


We Love Dates

Dating advice for men:

10 Reasons You Should Date A British Girl

The Mature Guy’s Guide to Channeling Your Inner Silver Fox

Why Mr Nice Guy Finishes Last

25 Things a Girl Never Wants to Hear a Guy Say

20 Essential Dating Tips for Shy Guys

The Guy Who Blossoms Late is the One to Date

10 Things Women Don’t Understand about Men

What Makes a Man Irresistible to Women?

12 Questions about a Man’s Body Answered

12 Life Skills Women Look For in Men

15 Signs That Your Girlfriend Is A Bunny Boiler

25 Things Women Say and What They Really Mean

15 Things Women Find Attractive About Men

15 Tips for Buying a Woman the Perfect Gift

25 Women Reveal What They Find Confusing About Men

The Metrosexual Male: Is He Hot or Not?

The “Compliments” That Women Find Insulting

25 Women Reveal What They Find Unattractive About Men…


Dating advice for women:

14 Dating Rules Every Girl Should Stick To in 2014

12 Questions about a Woman’s Body Answered

How to Survive the World Cup if You Man is Football Crazy

 10 Dating Tips For Single Mothers

Ladies’ Guide To Making Yourself Feel Glam Over 50

How to Tell the Difference between a Confident and an Arrogant Man

25 Men Reveal What They Find Confusing About Women

We Asked 25 Men What They Find Irresistible In a Woman and This is What They Said

25 Guys Reveal What They Find Unattractive About Women…


General love and dating advice:

10 Potential Dating Disasters and How to Deal with Them

‘Negging Women’ – Does this ‘Pick Up Trick’ Work?

15 Things Every Girl Hopes For On A Date

TV Appearance on London Live Discussing Top Dating Tips

“The One That Got Away”: How To Deal With It

Meeting The Parents: A Survival Guide

12 Things You Should Never Do On A Date

Would You Date a Pretty Boy?

 5 Ways to Be Brave and Bold When Dating

11 Love Lessons I Learnt From My Mum

“I Wanna Marry Harry” – A Royal Dating Show Hoax

15 Tips to Stop Monotony in a Relationship 

40 Best Responses to Cheesy Chat-Up Lines

 7 Ways to Escape a Bad Date

We asked 25 People To Describe the Best Things About Being in Love. This is What They Said.

20 People Reveal Their Top Dating Confessions

8 Mature Dating Dilemmas and How To Deal With Them

30 Ways To Get Over A Break Up


London date ideas:

12 Different Guys You Might Encounter in a London Bar Launch Party- Wine and Laughs in Mayfair

Love on the London Underground

8 Luxurious London Date Ideas

8 Hot Summer Date Ideas in London 

10 Museum Date Ideas in London

6 Unusual Date Ideas in London

10 London Date Ideas for Foodies

8 Novelty and Fun Dating Ideas in London

7 London Date Spots to Catch The Perfect Sunset

10 London Date Ideas to Make You Laugh

London Date Ideas for History Fans

5 Great London Date Restaurants

10 London Date Ideas for Film Fans

10 Adventurous London Date Ideas

The Best Free Date Ideas in London


Irish date ideas:

Dating Guide to County Carlow

Dating Guide to County Cavan

Dating Guide to County Clare

Dating Guide to Cork

Dating Guide to County Donegal

Dating Guide to Galway

Dating Guide to County Kerry

Dating Guide to County Kildare

Dating Guide to County Kilkenny

Dating Guide to County Laois

Dating Guide to County Leitrim

Dating Guide to Limerick

Dating Guide to County Longford

Dating Guide to County Louth

Dating Guide to County Mayo

Dating Guide to County Meath

Dating Guide to County Monaghan

Dating Guide to County Offaly

Dating Guide to County Roscommon

Dating Guide to County Sligo

Dating Guide to County Tipperary

Dating Guide to County Waterford

Dating Guide to County Wexford

Dating Guide to County Wicklow


Brisbane date ideas:

10 Unusual Brisbane Date Ideas

10 Adventurous Brisbane Date Ideas

8 Brisbane Date Ideas for Foodies

Melbourne date ideas:

8 Romantic Date Ideas in Melbourne

8 Unusual Melbourne


Perth date ideas:

10 Romantic Date Ideas in Perth

8 Perth Date Ideas for Thrillseekers

8 Perth Date Ideas for Foodies


Sydney date ideas:

8 Luxurious Sydney Date Ideas

8 Unusual Date Ideas in Sydney

10 Exciting Date Ideas in Sydney

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