The Sweetest Suite – Coolest Hotel Suites in the World – Episode 3

The Sweetest Suite Episode 3

The Sweetest Suite has reached Episode 3 and this one really packs a punch! (Episode link at the bottom of the page).

Have you ever stayed at a hotel that overlooks an airport runway? How about a hotel with a hammock, plants and a cuddly toy monkey in your room? If you’re musical, you might prefer a futuristic hotel that has a stage, a recording studio and musical instrument room service?

The Snapchat search for the coolest hotel suites in the world continues and this is what you can expect to see in Episode 3…


A creativity mecca – this is the sort of hotel that’ll induce an obsessive urge to go on an impromptu treasure hunt. Wondering what the treasure is? Handmade furniture, crazy art installations and hidden surprises throughout the hotel. From bikes suspended from the ceiling to a car in the lobby and hammocks in the reception area – it feels like an adult’s playground
 and is an art lover’s paradise. I actually opted to take the stairs from the 10th floor down just so I could admire the hand-drawn art by artist Yoshi Sislay on the stairwells.

When it comes to the suites – this hotel takes some beating. The Jungle L rooms have a Japanese vibe to them with a low platform bed and a bath beside it. The room felt like an artist’s New York apartment mixed with boho Berlin vibes and a bit of jungle foliage sprinkled on top. It’s a hotel that’s impossible to pigeonhole, but that’s the beauty of the 25Hours concept.

25 hours hotel bikini

The hotel in a Nutshell: A funky urban jungle that’ll encourage you to embrace your ‘inner artist’.
Unique Room Features:  A low platform bed, hammock, diorama picture in a briefcase, ‘jewellery minibar’, hand-painted art on the walls, 2 free bike rentals, cool cycling and design books, a day bag to hire, chemical-free toiletries…and much more!
Favourite Part of the Room: The (very cosy!) hammock by the window which overlooks Berlin Zoo and Tiergarten park.
Ideal For: EVERYBODY! This hotel feels so welcoming and you can’t help but feel inspired by visiting here, whether you’d consider yourself an artist or not. With great food at NENI restaurant, a sauna, a bakery, iMacs and communal work spaces, you really don’t need to leave the hotel during your stay…

The perfect solution to an early-morning flight, this hotel is actually IN THE AIPORT. Yes really. It’s a 1-minute walk from departure lounge of Gatwick’s South Terminal and you can even check out on a touchscreen by your bed (enabling you the longest lie-in possible – always a winner for night owls like me!) The hotel has put a lot of effort into ensuring its guests have a good night’s sleep and even worked with the Scandinavian Sleep Institute to ensure rooms are of the optimum temperature and humidity to sleep well.

It’s the ultimate convenient hotel for travellers with plenty of mod-cons – lights and air-con are controlled by an iPad by your bed and the best part of it…the best rooms of the hotel overlook the runway so you can watch the planes taking off.

Block Hotel London Gatwick

The hotel in a Nutshell: A modern airport hotel that is footsteps away from departures.
Unique Room Features: Views over the runway, iPad controls including lights, climate and check-out, cool neon lighting.
Favourite Part of the Room:  Sitting by the window and watching the planes.
Ideal For: Travellers who have an early flight from Gatwick South Terminal.

Hotels don’t get any more niche than this – this loud, proud and dazzling property wears the crown of being Europe’s first music hotel. In case you’re wondering, ‘Music hotel’ translates as: having a stage in the lobby (with regular live performances), musical instruments wherever you look, a recording studio and music manager on site, musical instrument room-service and even ‘themed lifts’ with soundtracks of different genres. However good or bad you are a singer – this hotel will definitely get your toes tapping and your vocal chords warmed up! It labels itself a ‘lifestyle hotel with a special focus on music’.

Described by many as what it would feel like to ‘travel into the future’ the suites are incredibly spacious with white, gold and pink furniture, a huge bath, rainfall shower, double sink and almost hypnotic patterned flooring. Mood-lighting and liquid-like plastic sculptures adorn the hotel and the designer Karim Rashid described his work as: infosthetic‘, ‘blobject’ and ‘technorganic‘! I’m not entirely sure what it means – but I’m a big fan! 

Hotel nhow Berlin
The hotel in a Nutshell: Europe’s first ever music hotel – the place to be for music, art and fashion.
Unique Room Features:  Futuristic furnishings, a flip-around TV/picture, 2 bathrooms, musical instrument room service.
Favourite Part of the Room: The huge bath – divine! 
Ideal For: Musicians and music lovers who want a hotel that makes them feel at home.

You can watch the full episode below:

In case you missed Episode 1 - you can watch it here and Episode 2 is here.

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